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WELCOME TO Insight Counseling
We offer a professional environment that is open and caring.  We use therapeutic techniques to help people manage current issues and understand past problematic areas.  We instill hope and guidance for improving the future.
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Heather Nelson, LCSW
Cassey Thomas, LPC 
Counseling Specialties

• Play Therapy
• Adolescent issues
• Grief and Loss
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Life Transitions
• Trauma Issues 
• Sexual Abuse
• Marital Issues
• Addictions
• Self Esteem

Reason You May Want to Seek Therapy:
• If you’re unable to function as you normally do.
• If you feel unlike yourself – if you’re sleeping a lot more, or more anxious, or less sociable, or just in a funk you can’t shake.
• If you’re dealing with an issue you’ve never dealt with before and it’s making you anxious and unsure about how to proceed.
• If you need clarity or reassurance. 
• If you’re falling into old patterns or dealing with old issues that aren’t healthy. 
• Sometimes we can get stuck and aren’t really sure how to make the changes we want to see in our lives. 
• If you have difficulty moving beyond any particular issue in your life, whether it’s related to your marriage, family life, or self   
For Children and Adolescents
• If parents see regression. A return to earlier behaviors.
• If parents see changes in school or activities.
• If parents notice behavior changes. Things they haven’t done before.
• If parents notice a sudden change in friends, or they can’t get along with their friends anymore.
• If parents see impulse problems that aren’t easily managed.
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